Willing to preserve Ethiopia’s rich archeological heritage, the Society for the promotion of museums in Ethiopia decided to build an archeological museum in Wukro, a small town in the north of Ethiopia. In 2014 a group of communication design students of HTW Berlin started working on the exhibition concept, the corporate identity, and the educational program for the young visitors of the museum. Archaeology students, excavation technology students, and industrial design students of HTW Berlin are also involved in this interdisciplinary project.

In August 2015 some of these students accomplished their internships in Ethiopia – there was a lot to do before the opening of the museum. They spend three months in Wukro, learned about the ethiopian culture and made a lot of interesting work experience.
Now the museum is opened since October 2015.

A big part of the project was the concept, the implementaion and the installation of the exhibition design.
To see the progress of the museum I made an online Blog. Have a look: »Design for Wukro«

Some of the print products I made for the museum:


Brochure Brochure Brochure Brochure Brochure



Soap packaging and labels


Final pictures of the exhibition hall and the opening ceremony. See more pictures on the blog.

welcome bannerexhibition halltumblr_nwnot3YoH61ueqa0bo8_1280 exhibition hallbanner opening ceremony
Here are the first concepts for the exhibition from 2014: Wukro Museum (ss2014).